Inderjit Bhogal’s Biography

Inderjit Singh Bhogal is a leading Theologian and Methodist Minister. He retired in 2018 and is currently working with Churches Together in Britain and Ireland to develop and promote the idea of Church of Sanctuary.  He is founder and President of City of Sanctuary, a former President of the Methodist Conference and former Leader/CEO of the Corrymeela Community and former CEO of Yorkshire and Humber Faiths Forum.  Inderjit is also President of the Methodist Peace Fellowship.

Since 1994, Inderjit has served as minister with Upper Wincobank Undenominational Chapel in Sheffield.

Inderjit was born into a Sikh family in Nairobi and came with them in 1964 to live in Dudley, West Midlands. He took his first Degree in Manchester and then his Masters Degrees in Oxford and Sheffield.  Inderjit lived in Wolverhampton for 8 years where he helped to establish one of the first interfaith groups in UK and was Co-ordinator of the Group between 1984–1987. Inderjit then lived in Sheffield where he worked in Multi-Faith inner city contexts. He established a Christian–Muslim Group out of which grew the Sheffield Interfaith Group. He has also organised Christian–Muslim Peace walks in the City. Inderjit helped to start Sheffield’s ‘Homeless and Rootless at Christmas’ (HARC) project. This has since involved several hundred volunteers.

Inderjit is the founder and President of the City of Sanctuary movement.  Sheffield was the UK’s first City of Sanctuary with support from over one hundred local organisations and the Local Council.  Inderjit has also worked as Director of the Urban Theology Unit and Consultant Theologian for Christian Aid.  Inderjit is Chair of Touchstone, Bradford, and Chair of Methodists for World Mission.

He is a Patron of many organisations, including the Bradford ‘Churches for Dialogue and Diversity’. He has been a member of the Race Equality Advisory Panel [Home Office] and a Trustee of the Multi Faith Centre at the University of Derby where he was also a member of the Governing Council.

Inderjit was awarded the Hon. Doctor of University by the Universities of Oxford Brookes [2001] and Sheffield Hallam [2002], and Hon. Doctor of Letters by Sheffield University [2020].

Inderjit is recipient of the World Methodist Peace Award [2018].

He was awarded the OBE in the New Year’s Honours List 2005 for his work in Inter-Faith relations. Inderjit is passionately committed to the achievement of racial justice, Inter Faith dialogue and Humane Migration Policies and Procedures.


  • Table for All (2000) – Out of print
  • On the Hoof (2001) – Out of print
  • Unlocking the Doors (2002) – Out of print
  • Pluralism and Mission Today (2007) – Out of print
  • Becoming a City of Sanctuary (2009) – Out of print
  • Hospitality and Sanctuary for All (2019) – Online Resource

7 thoughts on “Inderjit Bhogal’s Biography”

  1. Rev. Indrajit Singh Bhogal
    I’m a member of Sheffield Interfaith since 2007
    I witnessed many occasions when an ignorant person/ persons tried to extinct the existence of Sheffield Interfaith in various ways.
    My intention to keep the Identity, Dignity, and Independence of Sheffield Interfaith free from any church or Temple to carry on Interfaith Activity in Sheffield with a friendship with other
    organisations in the UK.
    I need to get some guidance to carry on your Interfaith Mission and to pass it to the Next Generation


    1. Hello Inderjit, you won’t remember me, but you will remember my beloved ex Mother in law, Joyce Burgess.
      I wonder if you could give me contact details for Jenny Carpenter please? I’ve had a series of emails asking me to buy a voucher for her niece’s birthday, which I am suspicious of because it doesn’t sound like Jenny and, I think there are many other people she would call on before me… I have asked my daughter if she has received any emails from Jenny (Jenny had her email address too) but am waiting for a response still. I would be happy to help if it is genuinely Jenny, I’m just not willing to spend £100 on hackers, as I’m sure you understand.
      The emails say she hasn’t been home since she went to the doctor about her knee and would I buy a Google voucher for her niece’s birthday and send a photo of it, scratched off, to her niece’s email address. Please could you advise me? My phone number is and although I’m at work tomorrow, I would very much welcome a text
      Thank you
      Caroline Eastham


  2. I listened to Inderjit on Clare Balding’s ‘Ramblings’ this week.
    It was 6.15 on a Saturday morning. I suddenly heard the name of Bert Bissel. a name I had not heard for
    over sixty years.It took me back to when I was fourteen and a friend and I boarded a coach late on one Friday in Woverhampton to climb Snowdon overnight in the hope of seeing the sun rise.
    I would love to hear more of and from from Inderjit. I seem to share many of his values. How do I contact him?


    1. Hello Roger.
      Thank you for your comment.
      Yep. Been on Snowdon for the sunrise with Bert, and with others.
      I will be glad to be in touch with you.


  3. I listened to Ramblings and was shocked to hear that you felt threatened when walking alone. I walk in our countryside, usually with a dog but since ours died, sometimes alone when we are not minding our daughter’s. When with a dog, I find everyone receptive to a greeting. When alone, I don’t feel threatened but sense apprehension in others who, I feel, are wondering who this weirdo is without a dog! Dogs are wonderful companions (even when belonging to someone else!). Find a dog to walk with you: you should not feel threatened when walking in our beautiful and multicultural countryside.


    1. Thank you for your helpful remark JIm.
      I agree about walking with a dog.
      I used to have a dog.
      But i’ll wait till we come out of the current situation.
      Stay well.


  4. Just need to ask a quick question are you the Reverend Inderjit that used to be at Stratton Street Methodist church in Wolverhampton


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