Delhi Cathedral 18th February 2001

Amos 9:7 and John 4:21
See also Isaiah 19:19-25 (J. Sacks, Dignity of Difference, p.204)


I came to India in 1982 and made contact with the Church of North India. The Rev. Pritam Santram was the General Secretary and The Rev. Ernest Talibuddin was treasurer. The Rev. Patrick Moti lal was an up and coming young minister serving in Bhogal. I was made to feel very welcome by CNI and by all my colleagues here.

I remember chatting with Pritam Santram about Church, Christianity and other faiths. I was thinking through some ideas about Christianity from a world-wide perspective.

Among many wise things Pritam Santram said to me were these words. He said: “The way God relates to Israel is symbolic of how God relates to all nations.” That was a shaft of great illumination for me. The thought has helped me enormously.


To read the full sermon given by Inderjit at Delhi Cathedral please click here.

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